Artist Bio: Konstantin Gavrilovich Dorokhov

Dorokhov was born in Moscow on March 6, 1906 and died in 1960. At the beginning of his art career he studied at the Moscow High Art Technical Institute. Following in line with the Regime, many of his paintings focused on the laborers of the nation. His art reflected his idea that the nation was under construction.

In 1930's, his art became mostly portraits. His message reflected his thoughts that the destiny of the individual was connected with that of the nation. Dorokhov liked to depict a youth with strong hopes and aspirations to carry and hold the nation in the future. During the 1940's he focused on thematic painting, but was criticized by the Academy of Arts for not painting in the approved classical style.

Constructions at the Village of Mazilovo- 1955
Dorokhov liked to travel and thus painted many landscapes showing various parts of the Soviet Union. They showed cities, farm fields, and industrial towns. He was also an active painter during the Great Patriotic War. He sketched the men fighting valiantly on the front line, showing the strength and courage of the men.  

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